The goal of the Compass Kidz™ Project is to encourage kids to share and compare their lives with other kids, to cultivate appreciation for similarities, build respect for differences, and inspire reflection. By participating in a brief survey (either online or on paper) students share a “snapshot” of their daily lives. By viewing the compiled results, they discover the similarities and diversity of their own classroom, region or culture, as they observe how they compare with the world around them. Meet kids who have participated in our surveys.

See Results Highlights for sample comparison charts and top level geographic profiles of kids from around the world.

How teachers can use the Compass Kidz Project in their classroom
We support classroom teaching by compiling survey data by class, region and country, and providing these “snapshot” datasets for class analysis. Comparing & contrasting information contained in their dataset, can serve activities in math, writing & social studies curriculum. By participating in the survey, students can also learn more about research & questionnaire design, and impact on data gathering and analysis. Teachers who sign up to share their classroom data with others, can also download datasets from other classrooms/regions/countries, to broaden the scope of potential curriculum-enhancing activities.

Our Mission
The mission of Compass Kidz™ is education – to promote cultural awareness and understanding by building kid-to-kid connections around the globe. By instilling values of cross-cultural respect and understanding, we help kids become responsible citizens of the world. Learn more about who we are.

Our Commitment to Privacy & Internet Safety
As parents, we, too, are concerned about the safety and privacy of our children online. We do not sell or share information to 3rd parties, and every participant is asked whether they agree to share their input in a compiled dataset before we accept their survey forms. Survey answers are only viewed by class or geographic region, and never displayed for an individual. To keep kids safe, we never share last names or names of schools, and we also provide a list of recommendations for other ways to encourage children to remain safe online.

Write to us! If you have comments or suggestions on additional ways we can keep our kids safe online, please send us your ideas.


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