Become a Compass Kidz Classroom, and your students will learn about themselves and the world around them!  By participating as a classroom in our survey, students can learn more about research & questionnaire design, and its impact on data gathering and analysis.  We support classroom teaching by compiling survey data by class, region and country, and providing these “snapshot” datasets for class analysis.  Comparing & contrasting information contained in their dataset, can serve activities in math, writing & social studies curriculum. 
Participating teachers will have access to datasets from their class as well as other classrooms/regions/countries, to broaden the scope of potential curriculum-enhancing activities.
You can take a look at our survey.  Then, you can either have your students take the survey online, or print surveys for your class and fax completed surveys to us.  To receive a dataset for your class and access datasets from other classrooms, please email jen@compasskidz.com
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